OPTA Europe welcomes ASOBIO, the Spanish Association of Organic Processors and Traders. They are joining forces to better defend the interest of organic companies and to support their growth, in Europe and beyond.

Aurora Abad, Association Manager of OPTA, and Joan Picazos, President of ASOBIO.

“This partnership will bundle our expertise as we can exchange experiences and knowledge from a broader number of Member States. Together, we strengthen our voices and ensure that our ideas are heard, in Brussels like in Madrid”, they state out in a joint press release.

“In view of the critical issues that the organic sector is facing in the short and medium term, from the implementation of the new and complex organic regulation to the upcoming EU framework on sustainable food, this is a timely alliance that will help us to more effectively advocate for the needs of the organic industry“.

About OPTA Europe

OPTA Europe is the membership organization representing the interest of EU organic processing and trade companies. Its membership encompasses 11 EU Member States plus North America and Switzerland. Taken together, the companies represented by OPTA Europe account for a large share of total EU import & export and processing of organic products.


ASOBIO is the association representing the leading organic processing and trade companies in Spain. It is the professional platform for the national organic sector, aiming at promoting organic food in the Spanish market.

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