OPTA Europe announces that the Polish Chamber of Organic Food (PIZE) has joined the association as associated member.


PIZE is the organisation recognised by the Polish government for the promotion of organic food in both the internal and external markets. PIZE supports its members through, amongst others, the promotion of exports of Polish organic food and the cooperation and exchange of experience with national and foreign organizations.

OPTA Europe and PIZE have a strong trade orientation; their cooperation is intended to gather organic companies to help them seize global trade opportunities by sharing market knowledge and expertise. At the time when the EU internal market is slowing down, expanding into new markets and reaching new consumers is our shared approach to keep organic strong.

About OPTA Europe

OPTA Europe is the membership organization representing the interest of EU organic processing and trade companies. Its membership encompasses 12 EU Member States plus North America and Switzerland. Taken together, the companies represented by OPTA Europe account for a large share of total EU import & export and processing of organic products.

About PIZE

The Polish Chamber of Organic Food (PIZE) is a sectoral organisation for farmers, producers, processors and sellers in the certified organic food industry. Its mission is to promote a sustainable lifestyle and broadly educate the public about the health benefits of organic products and how organic food is grown, cultivated and processed.

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