Bio Eco Actual, the European publication specialized in organic food and cosmetics, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Since May 2013, Bio Eco Actual has been a reference for the dissemination of independent and free information on organic food, natural cosmetics, and healthy lifestyle, with the aim of promoting responsible consumption and organic production.

Bio Eco Actual anniversary

Bio Eco Actual was launched in May 2013 with the enthusiasm and strength necessary to fill an important space for the organic sector. The publication was first distributed at BioCultura Barcelona and in specialized organic food stores, herbalists and dietetics throughout Spain. Since then, it has remained committed to its readers.

Over the past ten years, the family-run editorial has been a catalyst for the organic sector, expanding to a European level with a printed and digital edition in English. Bio Eco Actual counts on the collaboration of journalists, biologists, pharmacists, doctors, agronomists, nutritionists, activists, chefs, lawyers and experts of the global organic movement, organic market specialists and certifiers, among others. Due to their work, the publication has gained international recognition, participating in major conferences and exhibitions in Spain and Europe.

Since May 2013, Bio Eco Actual has been a reference for the dissemination of independent and free information on organic food, natural cosmetics, and healthy lifestyle

Along its trajectory, Bio Eco Actual has added to its monthly editions, new publications and special international editions; executive editions, such as Anuario Profesional, which brings together the most relevant data, articles and interviews of the year; Master Organic, the showcase of trends and developments in the organic market in Spain; Bueno y Vegano, information and reflection on veganism; El Botiquín Natural, addressing health and disease in a holistic way with the perspective of integrative pharmacy; Semana Bio, Quincena Bio and Mes Bio, special features for the dissemination and promotion of the organic sector.

Montse Mulé, editor of Bio Eco Actual, emphasizes the importance of raising awareness of the need for a change in food production through the transition to organic farming, as well as the need to recognize certification seals and support local and organic production: “We celebrate ten years working so that in the future organic will continue to maintain its philosophy. Activism in our shopping basket. Consumption must move towards organic, local and Fairtrade products. For a cleaner, fairer and healthier world. For biodiversity, health and the environment. For a better world”.

Bio Eco Actual acknowledges the international organizations, trade shows and partners that support the editorial, and the Spanish companies that distribute the printed edition throughout Spain, including the Balearic and Canary Islands, for their support and dedication in bringing the information to readers. It also calls on readers to follow its international digital edition – and its newsletter, free to subscribe on

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