Since its foundation in 2016, OrigenEcuador has been dedicated to collaborating through the management and sale of organic and sustainable products made with local raw ingredients from Ecuador. Its mission is to promote authentic products that reflect Ecuador’s cultural and geographical diversity, especially high quality organic chocolate with social value.

123rfLimited©elcatso. Cacao plantation with denomination of origin “Nacional Arriba”, in Ecuador

High-quality Ecuadorian chocolate

OrigenEcuador was born in 2016 with the main goal of promoting Ecuador’s endemic products, especially focusing on chocolate. Its mission is to help artisans and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs spread awareness of their products in Europe, offering premium Ecuadorian products and contributing to the economy and the preservation of Ecuador’s historical and natural heritage.

Although Ecuador is renowned for its cocoa exports, OrigenEcuador seeks to promote chocolate produced in its place of origin. The company started in 2016, but it was not until four years later, in 2020, that it formalized its alliance with the prestigious chocolate company Paccari for Northern Spain and Southern France, allowing OrigenEcuador to enter the chocolate market in Europe.

“We believe that heritage, tradition, and culture are something that must be preserved and disseminated, as they are the living manifestation of Ecuador’s richness. Their mere existence is an opportunity to strengthen the identity of the local people, the reflection of their past as inspiration to value the present and build the future,” explains Isabel Maingón, founder of OrigenEcuador.

Sustainable production – added value

All OrigenEcuador brands work with chocolate made with Fino de Arona cocoa with “Nacional Arriba” denomination of origin. They are distinguished for being farms and cooperatives rooted in the territory with a productive system based on organic agriculture. Following traditional and often artisanal production processes and responsible and sustainable agricultural practices that protect biodiversity, they produce premium organic products with unique flavors and aromas. In addition, brands such as Paccari and Kuná also have the Tree To Bar distinction, which indicates that they have complete control over the production process, from the tree to the chocolate bar.

OrigenEcuador seeks to promote chocolate produced in its place of origin

On the other hand, most of them are companies or brands managed by women. “Ecuador has evolved a lot, and the Ecuadorian woman is culturally a fighter. Nowadays, the role of women in chocolate is crucial,” emphasizes Isabel Maingón.

OrigenEcuador brands

Among OrigenEcuador‘s brands are names like Alibú, Awki, or Kuná, by María Fernanda Andrade, which is the result of an effort to create fine and sustainable chocolate with a unique identity since its creation.

The Province of Manabí offers some of the world’s most luxurious cocoa, and Lúa cultivates these genetically blessed varieties. Christian’s family are farmers who have lived in Lúa for more than 6 generations, cultivating cocoa according to the lunar phases. Also in Manabí is Cárdenas Chocolate, a family-run plantation led by Susana Cárdenas. Her family has been making chocolate since 1920 with the aim of keeping the Ecuadorian heritage alive in every chocolate bar.

Through its technique of fruit and extract crystallization, Kamm, led by Michel Kammoun, arrives at a formula with cocoa and crystals, creating an extra-sensory experience that connects and transports with the best flavors in the world in a chocolate bar.

“The Ecuadorian woman is culturally a fighter. Today her role is crucial”

Awki, by Nathalia Padilla, combines chocolate with a mixture of medicinal herbs and freeze-dried fruits. Combinations based on ancestral knowledge, with a crunchy texture, nutritious, and low in sugar.

Equacacao, led by Carlos Pulgarin, obtains its chocolates from a cocoa with complex and unique aromas. Of great purity, its 100% organic cocoa has original organoleptic characteristics that combine expressive bitterness with floral and fruity notes.

Founded by Carla Barbotó and Santiago Peralta, Paccari reinvents chocolate thanks to Ecuadorian cocoa. It offers chocolates with a minimum of 60% cocoa in all its products, which in turn are dairy-free, gluten-free, and without refined sugars. Its offering includes snacks, chips, and chocolate tablets available in up to 35 flavors, ideal for enjoying cocoa alone or combined with the best culinary creations.

OrigenEcuador in Spain and France

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