Generating customized Circular Economy models for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and associations in the Ecuadorian territory in favor of cleaner production and proper waste management to achieve sustainability. These are the foundations of the Green Circular, cooperation project, co-financed by the European Union and implemented by the Ecuadorian Federation of Exporters (FEDEXPOR).

Green Circular

Green Circular project

The program “Circular Economy: A Sustainable, Renewable, and Efficient Model in Ecuador” focuses on promoting production that is more committed, environmentally friendly, and responsible, with efficiency indicators in production and job creation, as well as strengthening the production and exportation of Ecuadorian companies.

Its objectives are aligned with the existing demand of the international market, which goes hand in hand with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and especially with the collaborative work between public actors responsible for sustainable development and the territory, as well as companies seeking economic, social, and environmental results, and society itself, which must question its real needs.

The program aims to promote production that is more committed, environmentally friendly, and responsible

With an initial duration of 27 months, the initiative is designed to support different productive sectors in the country distinguished by circularity in their processes, such as the agri-food sector, wood, or textiles. It will also work with other sectors that demonstrate their alignment in the different project activities, such as Autonomous Decentralized Governments and the Ecuadorian civil society, whose activities meet the requirements proposed by FEDEXPOR: ongoing businesses with a circular approach that generate employment, involve women, and are open to change, new opportunities, and demanding market demands.

The project involves the companies Ovomas S.A.S., Alimentarte S.A. B.I.C, EQF El Queso Francés S.A., Falusan, Promepell, Banchisfood S.A., Saloya Productos Naturales Sapnat S.A., Cooperativa de Producción de Panela “El Paraíso”, Fuente San Felipe S.A., and DDOS Industria Alimenticia.

Green Circular is part of the Circular Economy Support Project in Ecuador funded by the European Union, which is structured around three main axes: support for circular economy policies, following the Circular Economy White Paper; support for the implementation of forums and actor networks and the certification of circular economy products and processes; and support for circular economy entrepreneurship, which is where this initiative is supported.

Ecuador will attend Organic Food & Eco Living Iberia for the first time, in a grouped area organized by FEDEXPOR (stand 7G06)

Ecuador, Guest Country at Organic Food &Eco Living Iberia 2023

Ecuador is participating for the first time in Organic Food & Eco Living Iberia, the leading professional trade show for the organic sector, which will take place on June 7th and 8th at IFEMA MADRID.

The diversity and quality of Ecuador’s organic and sustainable production will be present at the fair in a grouped area organized by FEDEXPOR, a reference for business internationalization in the country and a spokesperson for the entrepreneurial spirit.

During the two days of the fair, Ecuadorian brands and companies that are references in the organic sector will showcase their products and activities in a grouped area (stand 7G06) with the aim of promoting Ecuadorian production in the European Union.

Participating companies in the event include SKS farms CIA. LTDA., Gourmetandino S.A.S. B.I.C., Sapnat S.A., Rights Foods Inclusive company CIA. LTDA, Banchisfood S.A., Fuentes San Felipe S.A., Cooperativa de Producción de Panela “El Paraíso”; Natigold S.A., Sierra Organics, and La Compañía Ecuatoriana del Té C.A., CETCA., as well as in the exploratory mission within the framework of the fair.

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