This year on 14 September, marks five years of #IGrowYourFood, the first global action day celebrating the people who sustainably grow our food. For the past five years, organic and agroecological farmers, as well as advocates have taken to social media to share the challenges they face, how we can support them, and why they choose organic. This year will be no different!


A valuable platform for organic farmers worldwide

Drawing inspiration from our principles of organic agriculture, the global action day
was inaugurated in 2019 serving as a significant occasion for sustainability advocates,
policymakers, consumers, and like-minded organisations across the globe to unite and
listen to the voices of the phenomenal farmers growing our food.

Through #IGrowYourFood, the tireless efforts of organic and agroecological farmers are brought to the forefront. This initiative exemplifies how the choices we make while grocery shopping directly influence livelihoods, natural resources, wildlife, and the pressing issue of the climate crisis. Additionally, it serves as a valuable platform for organic farmers worldwide to establish connections, exchange knowledge, and foster new prospects.

“Supporting sustainable agriculture and food production like organics is one of the most important interventions we can make for our world’s future”, says Pippa Hackett, organic farmer and Ireland’s Minister for Land Use & Biodiversity, Ireland.

It serves as a valuable platform for organic farmers worldwide to establish connections, exchange knowledge, and foster new prospects

How it works

We encourage organic and agroecological farmers to prepare their message, ahead of time. Whether it is a video or photo-quote, we provide the tools needed to guide participants through the process.

If it is a video, we encourage them to film one minute messages about a specific topic or challenge, for example, impact of organic on the soil, the question of gender equity in agriculture, etc.

Check out a tutorial video that IFOAM – Organics International prepared on how to film your message for #IGrowYourFood. An alternative is using this template to create a photo story with your message.

For those unable to create their own message, there is a lot of content in our #IGrowYourFood library that can be used. Ahead of the action day, we’ll share the official #IGrowYourFood toolkit – complete with ready-to-post visuals, messages, and videos – so you’re fully equipped to join us!

By disseminating these messages across social media platforms, the voices of organic and agroecological farmers resonate on a global level, increasing their impact.

“I came up with a youth group here in our village. I teach them how to plant, manage and harvest vegetables. By this simple way, we are helping nature and we have assurance the vegetables that we harvest are nutritious and fresh”, explains Vic Jason Tagupa, organic farmer from the Philippines.

#IGrowYourFood reminds us not to take for granted the food we consume

Five ways to help us amplify farmers’ voices

  • Go to your favourite social media channels, search #IGrowYourFood, then like and share as many videos and articles as you can!
  • Use the #IGrowYourFood playlists from 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 to find videos that resonate with you and post them from your channels.
  • Make sure you use the #IGrowYourFood hashtag when sharing your message so we can find and re-share your post!
  • Choose organic produce which ultimately supports the farmers who work to put organic on our tables.
  • Check out the social media wall where you will see the content produced by farmers shared worldwide!

This remarkable journey has showcased the power of farmer messages, which resonate deeply and raise awareness about the formidable challenges faced by these dedicated individuals in their quest to provide us with organic food. By embracing these messages, we can unite in support of their tireless efforts and celebrate them for their remarkable contributions. Furthermore, these messages are timeless and can be used by policymakers to back up their efforts when striving to not only spotlight organic farmers, but also supporting organic-friendly policies.

As a community, #IGrowYourFood reminds us not to take for granted the food we consume, be aware of how it is produced and continue to support organic farmers by choosing organic.

For organic and agroecological farmers, the action day serves as a powerful reminder that they are not alone in the challenges they face. It provides a platform for them to connect with like-minded individuals from around the world, fostering knowledge-sharing and cross-cultural learning. Together, we can stand with these farmers who work tirelessly to produce food in a sustainable way.

Join us on 14 September to celebrate those farming sustainably and honor their unwavering commitment to producing our food in an environmentally-friendly way.

“I could watch these all morning.​ I realise my tribe is all over the planet. They all look different, speak different languages but they say the same thing”, @MadsMcKeever on Twitter.

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