“The organic market will soon recover its dynamism and growth. Yesterday’s revolution, today’s resilience… and tomorrow’s regeneration!” A new edition of Natexpo, the global organic trade show, arrives after the successful Lyon show last year that gathered together around 10200 professionals from the sector. These numbers are expected to increase with the 2500 exhibitors and brands that will present their products in Paris over three days totally dedicated to organic business, from 22 to 24 October 2023. It’s the essential event for the organic sector in France, with 18000 professionals expected to attend this year’s Natexpo. Journalists, officials, exhibitors and visitors will meet and participate at the show to discover new products, trends and challenges through more than 200 exclusive talks, workshops and demonstrations.

Natexpo 2023
Photo courtesy of Natexpo

Natexpo: from 22 to 24 October 2023

The show is organised by SPAS ORGANISATION, France’s largest organiser of trade shows and consumer events dedicated to organic products, wellness, lifestyle and sustainable development, and LA MAISON DE LA BIO /NATEXBIO uniting the six leading organisations promoting organic market verticals (Cosmebio, Forebio, Natexbio, Synabio, Synadiet, Synadis Bio), and representing 10000 companies dedicated to agriculture, food, retail, cosmetics and dietary supplements.

With a background of 60 years, Natexpo is the central meeting point for the organic and dietary supplements sector in France. “In 1965 it was titled the International Dietetics Expo, in 1969 Dietexpo, which evolved into Natexpo in 2003. “In 2013 the Natexbio Federation entrusted the reins of Natexpo to SPAS”, comments Florence Roublot, the organizer of the event.

With a background of 60 years, Natexpo is the central meeting point for the organic and dietary supplements sector in France

Natexpo’s international dimension has increased again after the pause brought about by COVID, with nearly 30% of exhibitors coming from outside France. “Over 20 countries will be represented, with Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands leading the top 5,” explains Florence Roublot.

Novelties and Natexpo Awards

This edition presents numerous novelties for exhibitors and visitors, such as the creation of the Dietary Supplements Village, two new thematic trails: Delicatessens and Alternative Grocery Store/The Newbies and Discovery circuits for the Circular Economy, being among others you will discover at the fair.

To reward and highlight the most innovative, impactful and original products launched on the market in the previous year, the Natexpo Awards will be celebrated and the winners announced by a jury of experts. The following product categories will be recognized with one award each: the new ones: Ingredients and Raw Materials (for food ingredients and cosmetic suppliers), and Seeds (to highlight smaller innovative structures); and the established categories: Fresh Products, Sweet Grocery Products, Savoury Grocery Products, Beverages, Dietary Supplements, Cosmetics and Hygiene, ECO Products / ECO Services, Equipment and Services for Retail and Brands.

Natexpo 2023
Photo courtesy of Natexpo

The organic market will soon recover its dynamism and growth

After several years of strong growth in the sector and overcoming the various crises that have caused a decline and slowdown in the years following the pandemic, the signals now indicate that the beginning of the recovery is underway and will be complete during 2024, according to the specialist consultancy Xerfi and to Agence Bio. The organic sector not only offers quality products supportive to health and the planet, but also reflects the values of a more conscious consumer.

Concerned about the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, the need to end wars and hunger, consumers challenge themselves about their own role in helping overcome these situations, which, in turn, stimulates the organic sector.

“And there are still vast areas of growth to be cultivated”, as Laure Verdeau, Director of Agence Bio, reminds us. In France, for example, only 6% of food in canteens is organic, a far cry from the 20% aimed for in the Egalim Act. Additionally, the commercial catering sector is still “a blind spot”, where organic produce accounts for less than 2% of the food on offer: “If caterers were to spend 10% on organic produce, that would create an additional market worth €1.5 billion. There is enormous scope for growth,” says Laure Verdeau.

The organic sector not only offers quality products supportive to health and the planet, but also reflects the values of a more conscious consumer

Macro Trends

Natexpo is the ideal place to learn about market trends. These include:

Regions & Micro-Terroirs. Going back to our roots and looking after them

The kilometre cult: Local production, doorstep distribution, short retail circuits, micro-dairies, micro-farms, micro-breweries. The treasures of our terroirs: Driven by resilience and the values of localism, new products from ‘here’ are in the vanguard of a new gastronomy. Regeneration, the new dimension of organic and the living world: Regenerative agriculture proposes “agricultural and grazing practices that reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity, resulting in both carbon drawdown and improving the water cycle,” according to regenerationinternational.org.

Natexpo 2023
Photo courtesy of Natexpo

The Circular Economy

The principle of circularity is becoming a priority. Formats and sustainable packaging are contributing to the circular economy, with maximised use and minimised impacts. New life for packaging: LCA, or product life cycle analysis, is now commonplace in business. Zero waste in food and cosmetics is the new goal – where nothing will be thrown away. By-products are becoming valuable resources. Time for upcycling. With growing awareness of the value of water, Solid products have become a new market standard of beauty. And the newest, the art of dilution – tablets and granules to be diluted at home in many product categories.

The Performance of Natural Ingredients. Innovation has been driven by the plant-based cult

Whether it’s ‘greentech’, ‘blue biotechs’ (from the sea and algae), fermentation or the craze for adaptogenic plants or bacteria…there is a whole new approach to protecting nature. A combination of science and traditional knowledge, hero ingredients and essential oils, probiotics and algae. The plant-based boost: Vegan gastronomy surprises and seduces with new tastes and new ways of cooking. Fermentation’s super-actions: Linked to gut well-being, fermentation is an established trend that has been evolving for several years.

The slow trend is returning as we try to resynchronise our natural rhythms

Slow, The comeback of the Organic Tempo

Mental health at an all-time low. Anxiety, depression,… Everyone wants to slow down and recover organic balance. The slow trend is returning as we try to resynchronise our natural rhythms.

Great mental health, the new ‘slow’ Paradise: Fragrances with relaxing or energising properties, drinks as infusions and herbal teas with CBD, and adaptogenic plants.

Alcohol free. The super cool trend: Cool new health shots or innovative taste profiles – including mocktails (alcohol-free cocktails).

Female biorhythms, the new wellness Eden: Understanding our natural rhythms, easing the pain of menstruation, whole body care and regaining hormonal balance – from puberty to menopause.

More information at www.natexpo.com

Author: Montse Mulé, Bio Eco Actual Editor

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