Through the catchy message “Hello, I’m your soap!” and a vibrant, fun, and casual design, this century-old company, Jabones Beltrán, is redefining the image of its body soaps to connect with a younger, eco-conscious audience.

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Solid Shampoo and Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning

In their commitment to sustainability, the company has replaced traditional paper and labeling with eco-friendly, elegant, and innovative paper packaging case. They are also expanding their product range with a new Sports soap. The line, which already includes 7 references, features an innovative soap ideal for cleansing, refreshing, and revitalizing the body after a workout. Thanks to the cooling effect of menthol and mint, and the analgesic effect of Epsom salts, it aids in muscle relaxation, facilitates recovery, and relieves physical discomfort after exercise. Undoubtedly, the best ally against tired legs.

Alongside the restyling of the line, they have also launched a range of three solid shampoos made with natural conditioners based on carbohydrates and plant-based oils. These shampoos utilize plant-based surfactants with strong cleaning and foaming capabilities, along with active ingredients that enhance styling, impart shine, add volume, and promote hair flexibility. Essabó for frequent use, ideal for daily hair care; Purifying Essabó, perfect for those days when you need a washing boost; and Nourishing Essabó providing your hair with additional hydration.

Jabones Beltrán is taking a significant step onto the international stage by introducing their Biobel line at Ecoliving Malmo

Eco-Friendly Cleaning and healthy products “Made in Spain”

Jabones Beltrán, a family-owned company situated along the Mediterranean coast in Castellón, Spain, is a pioneer in the country for being the first to obtain ECOCERT certification for its line of eco-friendly soaps and detergents. This Spanish company is deeply committed to sustainability and offers a wide array of environmentally-friendly products for clothing maintenance and household cleaning.

Now, they are taking a significant step onto the international stage by introducing their Biobel line at Ecoliving Malmo. Biobel products are known for their high performance and innovative approach to sustainable cleaning. Explore how this family-run business continues to lead the way in sustainability, delivering eco-friendly and effective products that make a positive impact on our planet.

Jabones Beltrán crafts genuine, 100% eco-friendly, and artisanal soaps. With their expansion into international markets, all Essabó Eco soaps have obtained NATRUE certification as organic cosmetics. This certification ensures quality and traceability, covering the entire production process, from ingredient origin to the final cosmetic product.

Their artisanal manufacturing process, through cold saponification, preserves the excellent properties of their ingredients. The demolding, bar cutting, engraving, and packaging involve a lengthy manual process. These are soaps with a story and a person behind them who cares about every detail.

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