Angelo Ferrara was born in Basel in 1976. With a background and professional experience in finance, he joined Holle in 2007 as the Sales Manager responsible for Switzerland and international market development. Since 2019, he has been the Managing Director of Holle baby food AG, the pioneering company in biodynamic baby products since 1934, offering the highest quality organic baby food. They are the first Demeter manufacturer of baby and infant food, with a holistic and responsible approach to people, nature, and future generations.

Angelo Ferrara

Holle has a rich history dating back to 1934. How has the company’s mission and values evolved over the years, and how do they align with the current trends and demands of the consumers?

Since beginning Holle stands for baby food in best biodynamic quality. The purpose was always to have the most natural possible products with clean and simple ingredients list. Trends and demands are changing over the years, so we need to adapt our product range and introduce new lines, but always keeping in mind our values, which are for example only organic products, whenever possible with biodynamic ingredients, clean and simple ingredients list and best quality.

Can you share some specific initiatives that Holle employs to ensure the highest quality and sustainability standards in the production of its baby food products?

Holle is one of the first organic baby food manufacturers to use milk formulas made from goat’s milk and is therefore a pioneer. Our own production facility provides baby food-quality organic milk powder raw ingredients. As part of our goat’s milk initiative, we work closely with goat farms and provide both financial and organisational support for their conversion to Demeter. Demeter goat farming not only supports regional breeds, but also offers many advantages in terms of biodiversity. For example, the goats’ grazing behaviour promotes the conservation of biodiversity. Thanks to our efforts, since beginning of 2023 we were able to convert our entire organic goat’s milk formula to Demeter quality.

«As a Demeter manufacturer, we are shaping the future ecologically – for people and nature, while protecting animals, soil and the environment»

We were finalist for the German Sustainability Award 2023 for our efforts in the biodynamic agriculture and especially with our goat milk initiative.

How does Holle integrate biodynamic principles into its sourcing of ingredients, and how does this influence the overall quality and nutritional value of your baby food products?

We have been working biodynamically since 1934, making us a Demeter pioneer. Today, we offer a comprehensive range of over 90 products for babies and toddlers in top organic quality.

As a Demeter manufacturer, we are shaping the future ecologically – for people and nature, while protecting animals, soil and the environment. The majority of Holle products are already climate-neutral. The changeover to climate-positive milk formulas and other products is a logical step towards securing a future worth living for our grandchildren.

«The transparency in supply chain is very important for us»

Can you tell us about Holle’s efforts to maintain transparency in its supply chain and product labeling?

The transparency in supply chain is very important for us. We have an internal team dedicated on the supply chain from the farmer to the final product. In the field of the biodynamic milk we are sourcing, we have a direct cooperation with the farmers of Demeter Cow and Demeter Goat milk. Same for the cereal, fruits and vegetables, where we are in direct and intensive contact with farmers, suppliers and producers.

Parental concerns about the nutritional needs of babies are always a priority. How does Holle collaborate with experts in child nutrition to develop and improve your product range, ensuring that they meet the evolving dietary requirements of infants and toddlers?

Holle has nutritionists in its team who are very familiar with milk formula, regularly attend training courses and participate in congresses in order to always be informed when new scientific findings emerge that are relevant. Holle is also involved in various associations such as SINA (Swiss Infant Nutrition Association) in order to be professionally informed quickly.

Autor: Oriol Urrutia, Bio Eco Actual Co-Editor

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