Raúl Anta is Co-Founder & CTO of REFIX, the only 100% natural isotonic drink, designed to hydrate and replenish lost minerals during training or a long night. Thanks to its organic ingredients, it is a healthy alternative to any sugary soft drink. REFIX will be at the Middle East Organic and Natural Products Expo Dubai 2023.

What is REFIX?

REFIX is a highly hydrating functional beverage, thanks to its key ingredient: 20% seawater extracted from one of the purest areas on the planet – the northwest coast of Spain, in Galicia, in the Atlantic Ocean. Its quality is so high that fishermen don’t need to purify seafood before selling it in accordance with European regulations.

REFIX is made with 20% alkaline seawater (pH 8) from the Atlantic Ocean. REFIX contains 78 oceanic mineral salts such as magnesium, calcium, silicon, potassium, etc. REFIX is 100% natural, sustainable, organic, vegan, Kosher, and is packaged in a glass bottle or Tetrapak. There are four flavors:

  • REFIX Lemon has only 15 calories, is keto (carbs-free), and is suitable for diabetics because it has no sugar. It has a pleasant salty taste with a hint of lemon.
  • REFIX Orange has only 48 calories and is a natural source of Vitamin C that supports a healthy immune system. It has a pleasant sweet taste with a hint of orange.
  • REFIX Coconut + Pineapple is a new flavor that combines organic ingredients from Costa Rica with the freshness of the Galician ocean, offering a refreshing experience with every sip. It helps recover and revitalize after exercise with the natural power of organic coconut water, the mineral touch of seawater, and the sweetness of the highest quality Golden Sweet pineapple.
  • REFIX Coconut + Apple combines the flavor of organic Spanish apples with the tropical freshness of coconut water and the revitalizing balance of seawater, making it the sweetest formula. This combination is perfect for combating extreme heat.

What is your secret ingredient?

Seawater! Seawater has the same mineral composition as human blood. The difference is that minerals are much more concentrated in seawater, but this is resolved by diluting seawater to 20% with freshwater and juices, as we do in REFIX. In other words, we do not remove any salt; we simply dilute seawater with freshwater to 20% and juices to 80% to create the best isotonic beverage on the market, with 78 natural electrolytes and the highest bioavailability.

In how many countries is REFIX currently being sold?

Our main markets are Spain, Portugal, and the USA, although we have limited distribution in Israel, the UK, Slovakia, etc.

You are working on expanding your distribution network across the Middle East. What does REFIX offer to the market?

We have several interested clients in the Emirates, so on December 12th, we will be at the Middle East Organic and Natural Products Expo Dubai with our own booth, where we will meet with them. There is no better option for hydration than REFIX. In fact, it serves the same function as a saline solution but of much better quality because saline solutions are artificial and have an acidic pH, whereas seawater contains many more minerals, all organic and bioavailable, with an alkaline pH.

Therefore, REFIX is the best ally for combating extreme heat in Middle Eastern countries. It is also used to alleviate hangovers, as a sports hydration beverage, or as a saline solution for gastroenteritis. But undoubtedly, in the Middle East, we aim to position it as the best ally against dehydration due to the extreme temperatures in those countries.

How is consumer perception evolving in regards to seawater?

When we founded the company in September 2017, it was a completely novel product, and to be honest, it still is today. Some markets are accustomed to seawater, such as Spain, Portugal, France, and Latin American countries, but for countries like the USA, it is still something very new, which continues to generate interest. At the same time, its distribution poses a very interesting challenge because our efforts are focused on educating consumers.

What do REFIX’s consumers have in common?

They all know that their diet is the key to a healthy life and keeping the doctor away. Our consumers read labels, seek responsible, sustainable products with locally sourced ingredients. They look for healthy alternatives to traditional beverages and are concerned about the latest trends. I like to say that our consumer is the same as someone who consumes the famous kombucha beverage.

In which events can we meet REFIX in the upcoming future?

As I mentioned, we will be at the Middle East Organic and Natural Products Expo Dubai this December. In January, we might go to NY for Fancy Food, in February, we will attend Biofach in Germany, in March, we’ll be at Natural West Expo in California, and in April, we’ll be at NOPE in the UK. Additionally, we participate in various sports and music events throughout Spain.

Further information available at www.refixyourself.com/es

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