In the dynamic world of organic ingredients, we at Tradin Organic distinguish ourselves as more than mere traders. We are global industry pioneers in vertical integration and offer a broad portfolio of plant-based, organic raw ingredients to the bakery, beverages, cosmetics, confectionery, and baby food industries, among others. Beyond the basics of sourcing, distribution, and processing, we bring ‘boots on the ground’—a tangible commitment to authenticity and impact in every step of the organic journey.

Tradin Organic
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A fresh look, same commitment

We are excited to announce a significant milestone in our journey—the completion of a rebranding process and the unveiling of our refreshed visual identity. This evolution, symbolized by our new logo, symbolizes our dedication to organic. Witness the ‘fresh’ Tradin Organic at this year’s Biofach, where our commitment to providing the highest quality ingredients and services remains steadfast amidst a changing appearance.

Pioneering organic practices

Our pioneering presence at local farms and processing facilities worldwide allows us to claim more than just ingredients; we deliver ‘ingredients with a story.’ From the fertile fields of local farms to state-of-the-art processing facilities, we are actively involved at every stage. This direct involvement not only guarantees the organic integrity and food safety of our ingredients but also helps businesses and brands to develop their own authentic narratives.

Join us in making organic everyone’s first choice

Tradin Organic invites you to join us in our ongoing mission to make organic everyone’s first choice. We are dedicated to building alliances, fostering equal partnerships, and strengthening awareness around organic farming and food. Understanding the power of impact through organic ingredients, we don’t just follow supply chains; we tailor-develop them to align with your brand’s ethos. Whether it’s about ESG KPIs, biodiversity, reducing carbon emissions, or deforestation; our expertise empowers brands to meet their sustainability goals.

Come meet us at our booth 311 in Hall 5 As we unveil our refreshed visual identity at Biofach, we invite you to stop by and explore the same trusted services with a fresh perspective. Visit us at Hall 5 Booth 311, and let’s celebrate the new face of Tradin Organic—a face that reflects our commitment to a sustainable and organic future.

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Published in the BIOFACH & VIVANESS 2024 Bio Eco Actual Special Edition.

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