Through a new message, with vibrant, fun, and attractive packaging and design, the centennial company Jabones Beltrán is ready to launch its revitalized Essabó cosmetic line of organic, solid, and handcrafted soaps in Nuremberg.

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The captivating product line, already featuring seven references, presents an innovative addition: Sports soap for the shower. Ideal for cleaning, refreshing, and revitalizing the body post-workout, thanks to the cooling sensations of menthol and mint, coupled with the analgesic properties of Epsom salts.

That’s not all. Essabó offers three solid shampoos crafted with 100% naturally sourced ingredients. Made with natural conditioners based on carbohydrates, plant-based oils and plant-based surfactants with powerful cleaning and foaming properties. Additionally, active ingredients that promote styling, provide shine, volume, and mobility to the hair. The varieties include Essabó Frequent use, ideal for daily use; Essabó Purifying, for those days when you need a washing boost ; and Essabó Nourishing, when you want to give your hair extra hydration. Combine as needed for a smooth transition to “effective” solid shampoo.

The entire Essabó range comes with the assurance of NATRUE certification and Artisan Seal, ensuring a handmade, respectful, and sustainable production process.

Eco laundry and household cleaning Made in Spain

Jabones Beltrán is a family-owned company based in Castellón, Mediterranean Coast of Spain, founded in 1921. Their commitment to blending tradition and innovation led them to become the first spanish manufacturers to produce and certify soaps and detergents under the Biobel brand (Ecocert) in 2011. Thirteen years later, Biobel stands as the leading brand in the Spanish market, boasting an extensive catalog for clothing and home care.

During VIVANESS, the company will showcase its latest innovations in solid formats and zero waste. With an established presence in several European countries, Jabones Beltrán is actively expanding into new markets. For visitor’s interested in high-quality, innovative, and trustworthy ecological products, booth 3C-357 is a mustvisit.

Appointments can be scheduled via or simply by stopping by to explore the entire range and collect samples to judge for themselves.


Published in the BIOFACH & VIVANESS 2024 Bio Eco Actual Special Edition.

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