The Natural Beauty Awards are undergoing a transformative evolution, uniting in one powerhouse event in 2024, dedicated to the natural beauty industry.

Why the change?

“As the end goals of both of the awards have been equal – to lift quality natural cosmetics for a wider audience and amplify the voices of exceptional brands across Europe – it has become clear that focusing our efforts on one bigger event and merging our audiences would be beneficial for all,” commented Satu Mäkinen, Founder of the Awards.

About the European Natural Beauty Awards

Dedicated to celebrating naturality, innovation, and sustainability, the European Natural Beauty Awards recognize outstanding achievements in the cosmetics industry. The event empowers brands and industry professionals who are leading the way towards a future of responsible beauty.

Fueled by a prestigious jury, composed of 50+ renowned European celebrities, and supported by leading industry institutions, the European Natural Beauty Awards gather 180+ inspiring companies. Together we partner to:

Celebrate Excellence: The “Excellence” awards honour cosmetics crafted with at least 99% natural ingredients, proudly made in Europe and that meet the rigorous standards of the star jury. This distinction is a true mark of achievement, quality, and commitment to naturality.

Boost Visibility: Amplifying exposure for high-quality natural cosmetics and establishments on multiple channels, by collaborating with diverse industry players and gathering influential voices.

Unite the Industry and Embrace Collaboration: Creating a physical awards ceremony as a gathering point for all-natural beauty professionals – brands, distributors, salons, and influencers, among others.

Registration for the 2024 European Natural Beauty Awards Edition is now open!

Exciting new additions

In-Person Ceremony: For the first time, the awards ceremony will go live, and will be taking place in Stockholm, Sweden on October 9, 2024. Mark the date in your calendar!

Special Recognition Awards: Industry experts will choose champions for outstanding contributions in the areas of innovation, sustainability, and collaboration.

Hair Salons & Spas Recognized: Establishments dedicated to natural beauty can now be nominated for “Hair Salon of the Year” and “Spa of the Year.”

Individuality Applauded: Retailers, Distributors & Voices contributing to the industry’s growth will receive personal recognition for their impact.

Registration for this exciting 2024 European Natural Beauty Awards Edition is now open!

  • Visit the awards’ website to learn more about the updated awarding model, categories, and submission details and register your products at

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