On the occasion of its annual gathering in Nuremberg during Biofach, OPTA Europe presents its key demands for the future of European organic companies— a ‘Looking Ahead’ roadmap that outlines the priorities to be addressed during the upcoming 2024-2029 legislative term.

OPTA Europe

Based on the practical experience of EU-based companies of all shapes and sizes, OPTA Europe’s agenda underscores the most pressing challenges and proposes strands of action to remove roadblocks and to ensure their ability to keep pace with demand for innovative products.

“Despite current economic challenges, we look to the future with optimism and confidence”, said Stefan Hipp, President of OPTA Europe. “Organic is a resilient system that has spanned decades and generations because it is purposeful. We are grateful to this Commission for recognizing its value in the agri-food system of Europe. The next EU cycle will be vital in shaping its future and we are ready to engage with future EU policymakers to discuss our key priorities”.

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