IFOAM Organics Europe welcomes plenary vote on the directive on green claims. This directive aims to prevent greenwashing, an objective that IFOAM Organics Europe fully shares.

Jan Plagge, President of IFOAM Organics Europe said “IFOAM Organics Europe fully supports the fight against greenwashing and welcomes the Parliament’s view that the respect of planetary boundaries should also be considered when assessing environmental claims”.

Plagge added: “It is crucial that the European Parliament has recognised that, for some product groups, the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) method is not suitable for providing a holistic environmental assessment, and that other methodologies can be used. While the PEF works well for manufactured products, it is ill-suited to assess the environmental impact of agri-food products. For this reason, we welcome the concept of a “consultation forum” introduced by the European Parliament as it would enable relevant stakeholders to provide opinions on whether certain rules and methods are suitable for substantiating environmental claims in specific sectors”.

Further information available at www.organicseurope.bio

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