Rafael Buerba (1971, Madrid) is the founder and CEO of Onesimum, a producer of healthy, organic, and vegan food made with 100% natural ingredients. Based in Spain, Onesimum distributes its products worldwide. They are available in Spain, Denmark, the United States, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates, among other countries.

Rafael Buerba

What are Onesimum’s origins?

Onesimum was born as a dream of being able to produce and sell organic products facing the increase of conventional products. We wanted to offer consumers natural, sustainable, and high-quality products at a very competitive price, aiming to reach the maximum number of end consumers with an organic product as natural as possible, without introducing any type of preservatives, and offering an outstanding flavor and texture. I believe we can say that we have the best gluten-free cookies on the market with an unbeatable taste and texture.

We have high-quality products in Spain, and we want to bring them to the whole world from Segovia. In short, we aim to offer consumers organic products to improve their quality of life and nutrition. We want to show the world the great organic products we produce in Spain.

«Onesimum, the Summit of Flavor». Where does your slogan come from?

We want to reach the peak of quality and flavor, hence our name ONE (for number one) and SUMMUM (the highest): to reach the summit of flavor and quality.

«We want to introduce the world to the great organic products that we produce in Spain»

Your range currently includes 35 organic, vegan, and artisan references. How would you define your portfolio?

We have a very balanced portfolio, from cookies and canned vegetables. We wanted to extend the range with sweets and preserved food, offering alternative products, differentiating us from what is on the market, and increasing the range to offer our partners the most complete range of quality organic products possible.

Gluten-free cookies, by Onesimum

With production based in Spain, you distribute your products worldwide. In which markets are you present and what differences do you observe between them?

We are very satisfied with the acceptance of our products; we believe that when you are honest, upright, and careful with the quality you offer, people value it. Currently, we are present in various European countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Denmark, and others on other continents such as Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, the United States, Guatemala, and Uruguay. This year we plan to introduce our products in the Asian market.

Naturally, each market has its peculiarities, both in terms of commerce and products, although they all have something in common: they seek quality and excellence in products, and in all of them, we have detected an increasing interest in organic products.

What are the keys to a complete, diverse, and attractive range?

The main points are concern for our clients and knowing how to listen to their needs and advice. Our priority is to give an incomparable service to the client, which is the treasure of every company. Our commitment is to satisfy their needs and to offer them something different from what is available in the market.

«Customer satisfaction is our goal»

How do you assess your new launch, the gluten-free cookie line?

We are sincerely very proud. They are having a great success. We believe they are the best gluten-free cookies on the market for their texture and flavor. In a short time we have managed to reach consumers and offer them something that nobody had done before: gluten-free, vegan and lactose-free cookies made exclusively with 100% organic extra virgin olive oil. An unmatched product.

Customer satisfaction is our goal and when people who have intolerances or simply want to eat healthier tell us that they haven’t found that taste until now, it encourages us to forget all the day-to-day problems and makes us move forward with more dedication and commitment.

What goals does Onesimum set for 2024?

We have several strategic lines of action for 2024. On the one hand, to establish ourselves as an alternative for healthy, valuable, and high-quality nutrition at very competitive prices at an international and national level. On the other hand, we have the opening of our first store in Madrid. And lastly, to invest in other lines of business and the launch of another line of products in 2024.

Author: Oriol Urrutia, Co-Editor.

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