At the All Beverage Award, a selected jury of experts, together with the renowned trade magazine RUNDSCHAU für den Lebensmittelhandel, selects new products and innovations of the year in the beverage industry. The juice experts from Unkel on the Rhine were able to fully convince the jury with their innovative creation Rabenhorst Inner Calm and were honoured with the All Beverage Award in the “Non-alcoholic beverages” category. The jury explained its choice: “An innovative combination of fruit juice and gentle tea with high-quality ingredients.”

Rabenhorst Inner Calm

Rabenhorst Inner Calm

Chamomile, lemon balm and passion flower herb have been used as medicinal plants since ancient times. All three are said to have a calming and relaxing effect. The integration of all three herbal teas in the new Rabenhorst Inner Calm has been carefully chosen and precisely balanced to create a delicious tasting multi-fruit pure juice. This consists of pure juices from apple and grape as well as mango and acerola pulp in organic quality. The organic multi-fruit juice contains no added sugar.

Rabenhorst is delighted that its consistently creative and innovative product development has been recognised with another award from the industry and that the new combination of fruit juice and herbal tea flavours has won over the jury.

About Rabenhorst

Rabenhorst stands for over 125 years of knowledge and experience in the production of beneficial juices in premium quality. High-quality pure juices are created from selected fruits with sensitivity and craftsmanship. The unadulterated ingredients and the gentle production process – predominantly in the company’s own pressing plant – guarantee not only an excellent, natural flavour, but also a wide range of natural ingredients. With Rabenhorst juices, you can easily do something good for yourself – for a personal feel-good moment in your turbulent everyday life.

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