Born in Lima, Peru, in April 1963. Holding Spanish nationality, Miguel Herdín pursued his education at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, where he obtained a degree in technical engineering. He further expanded his knowledge by enrolling in a marketing management program at the same university. His early enduring interest in the environment and sustainability led him to establish personal connections with biodynamic agriculture and life in the countryside, inspired by Anthroposophy.

Miguel Herdín

This experience became the primary motivation for his involvement with Weleda, driven by a desire to contribute to positive societal change. Commencing his career as a freelance engineer, he later assumed the role of a product manager at ITT-Flygt. At the age of 30, he took on the responsibility of leading Weleda Spain, a position he continues to hold to this day.

How does Weleda ensure ingredients align with its natural and biodynamic principles?

Weleda, as a company dedicated to natural and biodynamic cosmetics, mainly sources ingredients from certified organic or biodynamic farms (84% of plant-based raw materials are organic certified), we prioritize local and sustainable sourcing whenever possible and we are proud to be certified by credible and trustwordy organizations such as Natrue and Demeter (specifically for biodynamic ingredients).

Weleda also establishes long-term relationships with farmers and suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and values and our entire supply chain is audited so we ensure traceability of all ingredients and total transparency in all processes.

For us Biodynamic farming goes beyond organic practices, and includes a holistic and regenerative approach that consider the interconnectedness of soil, plants, and animals within the ecosystem. Weleda’s dedication to biodynamic principles aligns with our belief in respecting the natural rhythms of nature.

How do Weleda’s core values influence product development and corporate culture?

Our commitment to nature and people is at the heart of everything we create. In our corporate culture, these values translate into a deep sense of responsibility that is ingrained in our DNA. We promote eco-friendly practices, reduce our environmental impact, and prioritize fair trade to ensure our ethical standards are met across our supply chain, this also certified by UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade) of which we are founding members. Transparency and integrity are non-negotiable; they shape our relationships with consumers, partners, and communities.

These values aren’t just on paper; they’re the guiding principles woven into every decision we make, every product we develop, and every interaction we have. They’re the driving force behind our quest to create a healthier, more sustainable world for everyone.

How can a brand stay relevant and differentiate itself in the competitive natural beauty market?

Today consumers are, more than ever, seeking genuine and ethical brands, as a response to that need we remain as authentic as ever. Our respect for nature, our commitment to sustainability, exceptional quality, and community engagement sets us apart and makes Weleda not just a brand, but a trusted ally for conscious consumers. Our values are rooted in more than a hundred years of ethical practices and they continue to differentiate us, ensuring Weleda remains a beacon in the natural beauty market.

«Our respect for nature, our commitment to sustainability, exceptional quality, and community engagement sets us apart and makes Weleda not just a brand, but a trusted ally for conscious consumers»

How can we ensure transparency and avoid greenwashing in our purchasing decisions?

Education and critical thinking are key to making informed choices. It’s important to read and understand product claims and ingredients lists, but often this is a difficult task, so trusted certifications like Natrue help consumers make better choices, These third-party validations require rigorous adherence to certain standards, and offer confidence of a brand’s genuine commitment.

Also, look for consistency in actions, not just claims, prioritize brands that provide evidence and directly engage with brands, pose questions about their practices, sourcing policies, or sustainability initiatives. Authentic brands committed to transparency readily engage and clarify doubts.

What trends do you foresee in natural & organic cosmetics?

We’re likely to see a surge in sustainable packaging innovations. Also inclusivity and diversity will drive formulations catering to a wider range of skin types and concerns. Additionally, the convergence of wellness and beauty will foster products focusing on holistic well-being And, based on the global success of ranges like our Skin Food, I anticipate a surge in demand for multifunctional products.

What role does Weleda see itself playing in shaping a more sustainable future for the beauty industry?

Weleda will play a key role in steering the beauty industry towards sustainability. Our century-long commitment to ethical sourcing, and transparent practices sets a precedent. We aim to inspire change by championing eco-friendly packaging, respect for people and planet and sharing knowledge. By prioritizing sustainability over short-term gains, we strive to lead the way, encouraging others to embrace ethical practices for a healthier, more responsible beauty industry.

Author: Oriol Urrutia, Co-Editor

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