Ronald Holman is the director of Free From Food & Health Ingredients, the leading trade show that showcases the vast potential of the Organic, Free From and Vegan market, connecting retailers, traders, manufacturers and technologists alike. The North Edition of the two-day event will take place on November 23 and 24 at RAI Amsterdam Exhibiton and Conference Centre to celebrate its 8th edition.

Free From Functional Food Expo Amsterdam

What will we find when we visit Free From Food & Health Ingredients Amsterdam on November 23-24 at RAI Amsterdam?

Through its storefronts and its unique and extensive approach, Free From Food & Health Ingredients will introduce professionals around the world to the latest product innovations, as well as the latest trends and predictions on Organic, Free From, Vegan, Functional and Healthy Food Ingredient Solutions. Attendees will be able to see first-hand the latest developments alongside natural and organic products that satisfy the ongoing trend towards healthy, diet & specialised foods from sustainable and natural sources. At the same time, visitors will benefit from the presence of brands and experts from the biodegradable and the sustainable packaging sector in the Free From Expo Packaging, that will also be hosted at the venue during the same dates. Moreover, they will find an opportunity for networking and gaining insight. Our trade show it is renowned for its high calibre exhibitors and trade only visitors who benefit from the numerous networking opportunities that we facilitate through roundtable and Matchmaking appointments. More than a trade show, Free From Functional & Health Ingredients is the ultimate free from experience.

“Free From Functional Food & Ingredients bridges the gap between Retail Marketing and Food Technology”

A high quality conference program

What is the trade show exhibitor profile?

Free From Functional Food Ingredients bridges the gap between Retail Marketing and Food Technology. Thus, the trade show will gather food manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, distributors, traders, exporters, consulting, testing and quality management, packaging, research and certification, as well as national coeliac associations and institutes. It will offer the opportunity to meet up with more than 320 exhibitors and thousands of food products and brands from over 49 different countries.

And who will be visiting?

During the two-day show, buyers from European multiple mainstream retail, buyers from bio organic retail, food services, hotel & catering, category managers and marketers will be able to source, learn, network and do better business in one convenient location that is this specialised trade event.

Free From
Free From Functional & Health Ingredients’ 2018 edition

How can the food industry respond to today’s dietary needs, lifestyles and worldwide challenges?

Awareness and perceptions for organic and free-from products are positively growing, reflecting in an increase in their demand. These foods encompass ever-growing dietary requirements and have shown to be powerful performers within numerous retail categories, from snacking, ready meals and out-of-home, to frozen, confectionery, and everyday grocery essentials. Each segment lays claim to a healthy lifestyle and sustainability. They meet the demands that consumers place on lifestyle improving products, which are on a rise.

How has the pandemic affected ‘Free From’ products?

A positive thing we have learned from this tough global crisis, it is to value more the importance of self-care and healthy habits. We have seen how a growing number of consumers have begun to be more concerned about their health and to take more care of their diet. In general, they are opting for a healthier lifestyle, shying away from synthetic additives, preservatives and genetically modified organisms in processed food products. And not just because of the Covid-19 crisis. The high prevalence of numerous lifestyle-related diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, etc., is also increasing the demand for healthy foods. The global Free From food market is primarily driven by the growing health consciousness among consumers coupled with the increasing demand for clean label food products.

“The global Free From food market is primarily driven by the growing health consciousness among consumers”

Which ‘Free From’ categories do you think will drive the growth in the upcoming years?

The market has evolved rapidly in a short period of time. When we started there was a strong focus on gluten free, but the event now encompasses many more sectors including vegan, organic and free of allergens products. The vegan revolution is establishing itself as part of the traditional diet and is so becoming more and more mainstream and accessible, -both meat lovers, vegetarians and flexitarians-. Vegan is the fastest growing Free From category which could be due to increasing consumer interest and demand and product innovations. With a increase of nearly 500% on sales of vegan and vegetarian products, the rising popularity seems to be more than just a trend. Organic and Functional Food segments are also growing considerably, due to their nutritional value and their ability to promote health, prevent disease or manage disease.

What is the role of organic products in the transformation of the food industry?

After decades of industrializing the food industry, organic and natural products and agriculture are returning as a trend in the industry. With the consumer’s longing to be kinder to Mother Earth and aware of the benefits of natural products to their health and the environment, organic and natural is being adopted in the consumers’ diets. Free From chemicals, Free From GMO, Fair Trade, Free From pesticides, sustainable and 100% natural ingredients are sporting a significant role on the global food industry.

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