As Europe prepares for new deforestation laws and heightened sustainability standards, the cocoa industry is facing significant challenges. Amidst this landscape, Tradin Organic confirms its role as prominent player, leveraging its strengths to lead the way in sustainable cocoa production. With a proven track record and a steadfast commitment to organic integrity, the world leader in organic processing sets itself apart in several key areas, making the company a driving force in the industry.

Tradin Organic team, alongside Smallholdr, implementing the app roll-out with farmers.
Tradin Organic team, alongside Smallholdr, implementing the app roll-out with farmers.

Digital traceability and due diligence

Tradin Organic has always placed great emphasis on traceability, ensuring that its organic cocoa products can be fully traced back to the cooperatives, farmers, and fields they originate from. This transparency allows customers to access comprehensive information about the origin and production methods of the cocoa they purchase.

Digitalization is key to making this process faster and more efficient, and to include more impact data. Tradin Organic works closely together with Smallholdr, a savvy software tool that enables complete traceability up to field level. The mobile app and web-based platform help manage certification requirements, produce deforestation-free claims and measure impact of technical assistance projects like Tradin Sierra Leone’s Child Protection and Agroforestry projects.

Chocolate manufacturers, brands and retailers will have access to all data and information requirements in upcoming regulation, and Tradin Organic will continue to work with its most engaged clients to bring the stories of the farmers to consumers.

Pioneering Regenerative Organic Cocoa in Sierra Leone

Tradin Organic has been at the forefront of implementing Regenerative Organic Cocoa (ROC) in Sierra Leone, showcasing its dedication to sustainable farming practices. Since 2015, our team has been working with local smallholder farmers producing organic cocoa.

In 2021, Tradin Organic’s cocoa achieved the important milestone in becoming ROC-certified, being one of the first worldwide. Tradin Organic runs an extensive agroforestry program together with the agronomists of Ecotop. This partnership endeavors to protect endangered species while empowering local farmers. By adopting a smart regenerative agroforestry system, cocoa farmers can enhance their yields, discourage deforestation, and bolster their livelihoods. This way they empower farmers to increase cocoa production without resorting to clearing forests for new plots.

Pre-agreed contracts with cooperatives

Tradin Organic has already secured pre-agreed contracts with nine cooperatives for the upcoming cocoa season in Sierra Leone. In some cases, these cooperatives were reinstated by Tradin Organic after their initial establishment and disbandment before 2015. This approach is particularly meaningful in countries like Sierra Leone, which are still recovering from the devastating impacts of factors such as Ebola and war. Through these collaborations, Tradin Organic contributes to the economic revitalization of communities and provides stability and security to farmers.

Lowest Cadmium levels worldwide

By sourcing from Sierra Leone, Tradin Organic can offer product with the lowest cadmium levels among all cocoa origins. By meticulously managing cadmium content, Tradin Organic ensures that its cocoa and cocoa blends remain well below regulatory limits, which tremendously helps chocolate makers cope with the strict European regulation on cadmium in cocoa and derived products. This diligent quality control not only ensures compliance with safety standards but also guarantees exceptional taste and purity in its products.

tradin organic
Mustapha Bull, Local Technical Assistance Manager of Tradin Organic in Sierra Leone, signing the contract with Gerald Hatler, Head of the Sierra Leone Cooperation Delegation of the European Union


Tradin Organic’s commitment to sustainability is reinforced by its certifications from respected organizations such as Fairtrade, Naturland and Rainforest Alliance amongst others. These certifications validate the company’s adherence to strict environmental and social standards across its supply chain. By upholding these certifications, Tradin Organic assures consumers of its responsible practices, supports the preservation of natural habitats, and ensures the well-being of farmers and communities involved in cocoa production.

Partnering for a shared sustainable future

Additionally, Sierra Leone’s unique advantage as a chemical fertilizer-free region guarantees the organic integrity of the cocoa, a quality that is very much appreciated by their customers. Some customers have been so inspired by Tradin Organic’s practices and values that they decided to actively participate in the programs in Sierra Leone. These passionate partners now enthusiastically incorporate Tradin Organic’s story of sustainable sourcing and ethical practices into their own marketing efforts, amplifying the message of responsible consumption and organic integrity.

With a dedicated team of around 60 passionate individuals in Sierra Leone, Tradin Organic is always open to inviting others to join their cause. Whether it’s participating in any existing programs or collaborating on new ventures or welcoming like-minded partners who share the vision for a more sustainable and ethical cocoa industry.

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