In the Alpine country, organic farming is a matter close to people’s hearts and has a long-standing tradition. Austria’s fertile land provides unrivalled resources that encourage organic farming. The official red-and-white AMA label for organic farming “AMA-Biosiegel” guarantees the highest quality of products. Regular audits assure compliance with strict guidelines which are even tighter than those laid down by the EU’s Regulation on Organic Production, thus allowing this organic farming pioneer to report steadily growing sales.

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Thinking of Austria, two things immediately come to mind: nature and culture. Nature because there is an abundance of places that in fact are as stunningly beautiful as presented in advertisements. And culture comes to mind because this small country in the heart of Europe is fortunate enough to be considered a cultural superpower.

Food culture is the area where nature and culture meet. Did you know that Viennese cuisine is the only type of cuisine in the world named after a city? Even though Vienna is not exactly the same as Austria and vice versa, they certainly have a lot in common.

As a matter of course, Austrian authorities emphasize the significance of high product quality through their own quality assurance programmes for foodstuff. With their own rules they even exceed European statutory requirements. This is where the “AMA-Biosiegel” for organic food comes into play. The exceptional commitment of the public sector is one of the reasons why food quality is high and why, by extension, food culture is much cherished and highly important in Austria.

Food culture is the area where nature and culture meet

Organic Pioneer

Austria started out on the organic trajectory particularly early, almost one hundred years ago. As early as in 1927, the province of Carinthia featured the first organic farm. Such a long-standing and strong tradition of organic farming facilitates a stable market for organic products even though economic conditions are unstable.

Agriculture in Austria is oftentimes a family matter. For families that have owned and operated their farms for generations it goes without saying that they take responsibility for future generations. And this makes Austria Europe’s no. 1 in organic farming. 28% of arable land are managed in compliance with the rules applicable to organic farming. AMA | But Austria wants more than “just” being Europe’s organic farming champion. Pursuant to the action plan for organic farming issued by the Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management, the areas for organic farming are to be expanded to 30%.

The odds are good. The prerequisites are excellent. Austria’s topography is perfectly suited for organic farming. Blessed with plenty of high-quality water. Even livestock are fed clean drinking water. Blessed with wholesome nature, from the bottom of clear lakes and rivers to high pastures on the hillsides of the Alps.  Austria is a green country. Green as in: nature. And green as in: organic.

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